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The thing is, when making a tutorial you have to realise people aren't stupid. They can see or work out a lot of the small techniques that aren't mentioned. For example, spreading a pipe trap and using walls to position pipes. This doesn't need to be explained in a video, because they can see in the video that walls are being used to position pipes and the pipes are spread out.

These tutorials are exactly aimed at 100% beginners as those kind of people won't be playing this game. You don't buy this game in the shop so you will have played at least one other 3D game that is very similar to this one.

The demoman in particular is more to show how a demoman is used, rather than how to play a demoman.

The other videos are also to show the manouver, so people can see it, then a brief explanation as to how to accomplish it. You can cover things in as much detail as you want, but you would only be over complicating it. Practise is what makes a player learn how to do the move, not overwhelming with information.
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