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Originally Posted by BinaryLife View Post
You should have read more closely. I've used all of those phones as a profession. I sell them. I talk to their reps, read reviews, use them for first person experience. Everything I gave you in terms of information was based directly from face to face customer reviews as well as from independent reps. EVEN THE iPHONE REP. I pointed out it's benefits and it flaws in an honest manor.
That's all fine and dandy. If you read my prior posts you will see that I think the iphone is not perfect, but it has a LOT of good. I can also sit here and tell you people who have hated blackberry - but does that make it a bad phone or device, no - it doesn't. It simply means one person didn't like it - that's all.

Originally Posted by BinaryLife View Post
I even pointed out that it makes sense for people to like it... but that it's still just not any better than other phones. Which it's not. Blackberry's phones, other than touch screen can do everything that the iPhone first gen could. In fact, it could do more, because it could send photo text messages and the iPhone (first gen) couldn't. The new one fixed a lot of problems, and at least doesn't suck anymore. But it's still not much better than a palm, blackberry blackjack, even the freaking pantec duo is on par with the iPhone and you know what? Most of them are cheaper. Especially when you sign contracts.
Show me a Blackberry, Palm or Windows Mobile phone that is as quick, snappy and responsive as an iPhone.. you can't. Apple did it right the first time. Your argument to the iPhone not being able to send mms - jailbreak it and it's fixed. And of course those phones are cheaper - they're GARBAGE (with exception to some HTC stuff @ shad and geo)! I changed phones about once a month for three years - I've had them all; blackberry, WM, Palm - you name it, I've at least owned it for a month or two (at least all that Sprint has to offer in their 'massive selection'.. *sarcasm*) but how can you honestly sit here and tell me that those phones are cheaper? You can get a refurbished 8gb iPhone 3g for $99 when you sign a 2 year contract...

Originally Posted by BinaryLife View Post
Why pay more for the same damn thing? Because it's shiny and has good advertising. I didn't call you a retard, nor did I insult your knowledge... but considering that's the first thing you did I feel the need to point out that you don't really have much of an argument. I still wont retaliate, by the way, with petty baseless insults. Just pointing out why I know what I do, and why I trust it more than I just some person on the interweb calling me a retard without even reading my whole post.
and I quote:
- "that appeals to the mass idiots that buy things compulsively and defend their decisions with twisted logic. "
- "and if they advertise to technosexual morons, then it'll beat the iPhone."

There are two examples of your attempt at insulting the 'mass idiot, technosexual moron'.

And no, not because it's shiny and has good advertising - it is the quickest, most stable (with execption to blackberry, maybe), SMALLEST phone capable of doing what it does with as many features. Plain and simple, the iPhone is capable of the most out of any mobile phone out on the market right now.

Originally Posted by BinaryLife View Post
*Oh, and since you pulled it into the argument, 35,000 people lost their jobs when that company went out of business. Those people had children, wives, brothers, mortgages and the dire need to eat food. Carelessly and witlessly throwing their misery into an internet argument about why you like the iPhone is disgusting. Now, I'm just fine, I've got two jobs paying more than what I made, so I'm not looking for personal pitty here.. but my boss as 3 kids and no job now. You think he gives a shit about your lack of reading skills? Next time you want to make a point, leave my co workers out of it. You've lost all credibility. I'm putting you on ignore too. I'm telling you this simply so that you know. I don't imagine you'll care.
My heart goes out to them, it really does. I worked for Best Buy for 3 years... I worked in the retail world.. and guess what? I decided to better myself, go back to school, get my degree.. and guess what now.. I'm 25 and am one of three Systems Engineers for an international company that continues to grow even during this poor economic time. My argument wasn't about their misery.. I really do feel sorry for them - it really sucks.. but guess what - it happened, it's done with.

Ignore is probably the best place for me.. you can't keep up.
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