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Originally Posted by Raynian View Post
The game is -incredibly- different than TFC, if you compare the two side by side.

So... some things you'd want to see changed from TFC (sniper, pyro?, maybe gren explosion radius although it wasn't mentioned) and some things you'd want to see changed back to be more similar to TFC. There's no possible way for us to win here, as there are people with the exact opposite opinion as you (remove bunnyhopping and keep sniper the same, for example).

Demos are a lot more spammy in FF, which is kinda disheartening for an offensive player. There's almost no delay between firing a pipe and detting it, and the short blue fuse makes spamming against enemies even better. Add into the fact that killing a demo takes him out of the picture for a lot less time than in TFC, AND you're giving him back his grens...even though killing the demo is often the only way to get the flag out, sometimes it just feels like you're shooting yourself in the foot by doing so.
How is any of this true?

1) Demo pipe det delay, as far as I know, is exactly the same in TFC and FF. You're going to have to explain that one. I even loaded TFC recently to test this, and detting pipes feels exactly the same as it does in FF.
2) Blue pipe spam is way less effective because of the shortened fuse. There's hardly any use of spamming a blue unless you know someone is there, as it's harder to randomly catch someone in the smaller window (with a longer fuse, it has a lot more potential to reward random spam [think of spamming blues at phantom FD from button; with a short fuse, it's not all that worth it, but with a long fuse it'd probably be much more useful])
3) Killing the demo takes him out of the picture for a lot less time? You're going to need to explain that as well.
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