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I actually added this in 2.44 but no one's used it yet afaik.

Originally Posted by 2.44 changelog
  • Added a way to persist Lua data across level changes
    • Functions added:
      • SaveMapData( luaobject ) // saves to maps/data/<mapname>.luadat
      • SaveMapData( luaobject, suffix ) // saves to maps/data/<mapname>_<suffix>.luadat
      • LoadMapData() // returns the loaded lua object from maps/data/<mapname>.luadat
      • LoadMapData( suffix ) // returns the loaded lua object from maps/data/<mapname>_<suffix>.luadat
      • SaveGlobalData( luaobject ) // saves to maps/data/global/global.luadat
      • SaveGlobalData( luaobject, suffix ) // saves to maps/data/global/global_<suffix>.luadat
      • LoadGlobalData() // returns the loaded lua object from maps/data/global/global.luadat
      • LoadGlobalData( suffix ) // returns the loaded lua object from maps/data/global/global_<suffix>.luadat
  • The suffix param gets stripped of all non-alphanumeric and non-underscore characters. The lua object is serialized into binary.
  • Only strings, numbers, booleans, and tables are able to be saved. All other object types are ignored for now (player objects/lua functions for example).
It serializes the table and saves it as binary, so you can't really edit the .luadat file with a text editor, though.
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