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Half-Life was the first game I ever played over an Internet connection. Team Fotress Classic was the reason I wanted to play online so badly. I was young at the time, we didn't have AOL or anything but I got NetZero back when it was free along with an Ad hack to get rid of the banner just to play TFC. The DAY Valve released that patch with TFC I could not wait to download it and play. Back then with all the busy servers and no lines in Fileplanet it still took about 5-6 hours to download the larger patches for me. I still remember the first time I ever played TFC, it was on the Hunted escort map. I played for a very long time and was a member of a clan that I had a blast with, I'm not sure of the name of the clan, wish I knew... great group of guys too. Wow, online gaming... first TFC then CS... and ever since they've been advancing CS I've hoped for TFC 2 to come out. Now you guys are making Fortress Forever the way its meant to be remade and I can't wait! No more leading sniper shots just to hit something because of the 56k lag. We've got The Source engine and everyone's on broadband. I just cannot wait! Keep up the great work it looks amazing so far!
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