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[QUOTE=Lichme]I meant the level of detail compared to most FF maps out there. For example, most of my map consists of squares and rectangles rather then curves............QUOTE]

You don't have to make excuses for that. Alot of the custom maps coming out now have mappers who are going for "pretty" over "gameplay" instead of trying to find the right balance between the two. I never even thought about that detail part of it until you mentioned it. The new kids whose first game was half life 2 probably aren't gonna like it, but screw them. The old timers will like it just fine.

Some of the textures are oversized, like the ones on the ramps, but I'm not picking out any more because you said you were still working on the textures.

Any reason why you dont add some source exploding barrels in there in various places? Didnt just think about it? Or you deliberately left them off?
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