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[SPY] Numpad Color Disguises / Alternate Weapon Switches

Part of the disguise aliases are from a TF2 spy config on TF2wiki, altered to fit FF and included yellow/green classes as well.

// Spy Disguises

alias spy_red "alias spy1 spyr1;alias spy2 spyr2;alias spy3 spyr3;alias spy4 spyr4;alias spy5 spyr5;alias spy6 spyr6;alias spy7 spyr7;alias spy8 spyr8;alias spy9 spyr9"
alias spy_blu "alias spy1 spyb1;alias spy2 spyb2;alias spy3 spyb3;alias spy4 spyb4;alias spy5 spyb5;alias spy6 spyb6;alias spy7 spyb7;alias spy8 spyb8;alias spy9 spyb9"
alias spy_yel "alias spy1 spyy1;alias spy2 spyy2;alias spy3 spyy3;alias spy4 spyy4;alias spy5 spyy5;alias spy6 spyy6;alias spy7 spyy7;alias spy8 spyy8;alias spy9 spyy9"
alias spy_grn "alias spy1 spyg1;alias spy2 spyg2;alias spy3 spyg3;alias spy4 spyg4;alias spy5 spyg5;alias spy6 spyg6;alias spy7 spyg7;alias spy8 spyg8;alias spy9 spyg9"

alias spyr1 "disguise red scout;alias spy_colorswap spyb1;alias spy_green spyg1;spy_red"
alias spyr2 "disguise red sniper;alias spy_colorswap spyb2;alias spy_green spyg2;spy_red"
alias spyr3 "disguise red soldier;alias spy_colorswap spyb3;alias spy_green spyg3;spy_red"
alias spyr4 "disguise red demoman;alias spy_colorswap spyb4;alias spy_green spyg4;spy_red"
alias spyr5 "disguise red medic;alias spy_colorswap spyb5;alias spy_green spyg5;spy_red"
alias spyr6 "disguise red hwguy;alias spy_colorswap spyb6;alias spy_green spyg6;spy_red"
alias spyr7 "disguise red pyro;alias spy_colorswap spyb7;alias spy_green spyg7;spy_red"
alias spyr8 "disguise red spy;alias spy_colorswap spyb8;alias spy_green spyg8;spy_red"
alias spyr9 "disguise red engineer;alias spy_colorswap spyb9;alias spy_green spyg9;spy_red"

alias spyb1 "disguise blue scout;alias spy_colorswap spyr1;alias spy_yellow spyy1;spy_blu"
alias spyb2 "disguise blue sniper;alias spy_colorswap spyr2;alias spy_yellow spyy2;spy_blu"
alias spyb3 "disguise blue soldier;alias spy_colorswap spyr3;alias spy_yellow spyy3;spy_blu"
alias spyb4 "disguise blue demoman;alias spy_colorswap spyr4;alias spy_yellow spyy4;spy_blu"
alias spyb5 "disguise blue medic;alias spy_colorswap spyr5;alias spy_yellow spyy5;spy_blu"
alias spyb6 "disguise blue hwguy;alias spy_colorswap spyr6;alias spy_yellow spyy6;spy_blu"
alias spyb7 "disguise blue pyro;alias spy_colorswap spyr7;alias spy_yellow spyy7;spy_blu"
alias spyb8 "disguise blue spy;alias spy_colorswap spyr8;alias spy_yellow spyy8;spy_blu"
alias spyb9 "disguise blue engineer;alias spy_colorswap spyr9;alias spy_yellow spyy9;spy_blu"

alias spyy1 "disguise yellow scout;alias spy_yellow spyb1;spy_yel"
alias spyy2 "disguise yellow sniper;alias spy_yellow spyb2;spy_yel"
alias spyy3 "disguise yellow soldier;alias spy_yellow spyb3;spy_yel"
alias spyy4 "disguise yellow demoman;alias spy_yellow spyb4;spy_yel"
alias spyy5 "disguise yellow medic;alias spy_yellow spyb5;spy_yel"
alias spyy6 "disguise yellow hwguy;alias spy_yellow spyb6;spy_yel"
alias spyy7 "disguise yellow pyro;alias spy_yellow spyb7;spy_yel"
alias spyy8 "disguise yellow spy;alias spy_yellow spyb9;spy_yel"
alias spyy9 "disguise yellow engineer;alias spy_yellow spyb9;spy_yel"

alias spyg1 "disguise green scout;alias spy_green spyr1;spy_grn"
alias spyg2 "disguise green sniper;alias spy_green spyr2;spy_grn"
alias spyg3 "disguise green soldier;alias spy_green spyr3;spy_grn"
alias spyg4 "disguise green demoman;alias spy_green spyr4;spy_grn"
alias spyg5 "disguise green medic;alias spy_green spyr5;spy_grn"
alias spyg6 "disguise green hwguy;alias spy_green spyr6;spy_grn"
alias spyg7 "disguise green pyro;alias spy_green spyr7;spy_grn"
alias spyg8 "disguise green spy;alias spy_green spyr8;spy_grn"
alias spyg9 "disguise green engineer;alias spy_green spyr9;spy_grn"

alias spy_kn "slot1;bind mwheelup spy_tq"
alias spy_tq "slot2;bind mwheelup spy_kn"
alias spy_sg "slot3;bind mwheeldown spy_ng"
alias spy_ng "slot4;bind mwheeldown spy_sg"

spyr4;spyb4					// Disguise as Blue Demoman when changing to spy/respawning (alter this to whatever color/class you prefer)
bind "KP_END"			"spy1" 		// Disguise as Current Color Scout
bind "KP_DOWNARROW"		"spy2"		// Disguise as Current Color Sniper
bind "KP_PGDN"			"spy3"		// Disguise as Current Color Soldier
bind "KP_LEFTARROW"		"spy4"		// Disguise as Current Color Demoman
bind "KP_5"			"spy5"		// Disguise as Current Color Medic
bind "KP_RIGHTARROW"		"spy6"		// Disguise as Current Color HWGuy
bind "KP_HOME"			"spy7"		// Disguise as Current Color Pyro
bind "KP_UPARROW"		"spy8"		// Disguise as Current Color Spy
bind "KP_PGUP"			"spy9"		// Disguise as Current Color Engineer
bind "KP_INS"			"spy_colorswap"	// Swap to Blue/Red Disguises
bind "KP_PLUS"			"spy_yellow"	// Swap to Blue/Yellow Disguises
bind "KP_MINUS"			"spy_green"	// Swap to Red/Green Disguises
bind "MWHEELUP"			"spy_kn"	// Switches between Tranq Gun & Knife
bind "MWHEELDOWN"		"spy_sg"	// Switches between Shotgun & Nailgun
What this does is make your numpad 123456789 keys disguise as the corresponding class in the class selection screen, hitting 0 on the numpad will alternate between red/blue disguises, + will alternate between blue/yellow disguises, and - will alternate between red/green.

By default it does Blue disguises first, if you want it to start off with Red change the "spyb4" line above the binds to spyr# or spyy# for Yellow. Spyg# for green.

The other part of this that I added is a short bind that changes the mousewheel instead of scrolling through all weapons to have mwheelup only do knife/tranq and mwheeldown to only do supershotty/nailgun.

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