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Originally Posted by greenday5494 View Post
there's nothing wrong with Vista except bad rep
couldn't agree more. Vista is different, which is the natural progression of things - change. Vista has such a bad rep because of these bargain shoppers who go to best buy/walmart and expect to buy the $299 special (1.8ghz, 512mb, 160gb) and have it run like a dream. Not gonna happen. I've been using Vista for 8 months now and have never had a blue screen or any issue. Of course, I don't own a bargain-bin computer (2.2ghzx4, 4gb ddr1066mhz, 160gb 10krpm hdd) but if you do it right, vista is pretty execptional.


To all those talking about Windows 7: Have any of you actually used it? It's VERY similar to Vista but based on Windows Server 2008 kernel which will make it a tad bit more stable. The driver issues will STILL EXIST, it STILL HOGS RAM. MS is aiming Windows 7 toward businesses with features like vpn-less connect to the office, enhanced remote desktop features and remote management. Please don't get yoru hopes up for a completely re-vamped, XP-like operating system; it's simply not going to happen.

My advice, stop resisting change. Go get yourself another gb of ram, upgrade your PC if you need to. Get used to Vista because that's where the future is headed.
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