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Squeek I hate to drudge this topic back up but I can't for the life of me get this LUA to work with the aardvark_doorhack style Security system. When I load up the map in FF I can choose out of four teams (instead of two) and when I select a team all of the classes are greyed out (so the LUA is breaking the map).

My current security system (the same used in sd2 and destroy, etc.):

A trigger_ff_script (red_aardvarksec) opens a func_door (red_aardvarkdoorhack) that handles all the outputs. Can we make it so the func_door (red_aardvarkdoorhack) toggles the trigger_ff_clip, instead of a button doing the toggles like it does in your previous solution?

I tried to mess with your code to achieve the desired effect but I ended up breaking something.

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