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Concajumping Guide

Perhaps you're a super 1337 veteran concer from TFC who's raped void multiple times, or you're completely new to the concept of these "Concussion grenades." Either way, as a tribute to the community, here's a quick and dirty guide on concussion jumping techniques and lingo. Other members are encouraged to add to it.


Conc - Concussion grenade, secondary grenade for the Scout and Medic classes in FF and TFC. The default binding for these is g, but some prefer to use their right mouse button (mouse2 on most if not all mice).

HH/Handheld - Either a standard grenade or a conc grenade that is not thrown, but instead held as it explodes, and then utilized for speed, height, or a gazelle safari.

Double - A jump or the act of using two conc grenades for added advantage in concajumping.

Triple - A jump or the act of using three conc grenades for added advantage in concajumping.

Juggle - A jump or the act of using four or more conc grenades for added advantage in concajumping. Most maps in TFC made for conc jumping involved this.

Concajumping - Term used to refer to concussion grenade jumping, made famous by an unwitting member who asked if "concajumping" would be in Fortress Forever. It's a misnomer (incorrect useage of English grammaterical terms ftw) of the term "conc jumping."

Conc jumping - Using concussion grenades to achieve gains in speed, height, or jumping a distance.

Prime - The act of preparing a grenade, and usually holding it or having it ready to go.

Pre-prime - A jump that requires or the act preparing a concussion grenade ahead of time so that one after that is ready for useage immediately after. The best way to describe this would be to try to get over a ledge and the udner another by throwing one conc on the ground, another over the ledge, and then holding another and throwing it right before it goes off. The first conc will push you over the first ledge, the second will clear the second, and the third will help you finish. Usually there isn't enough time to just drop the second conc as you fall.

Double HH - Advanced concing technique, basically involves pulling off a triple conc and the tossing of a fourth conc above you while flying up, and the priming of a fifth one and holding it. If timed right, the fourth conc will fall below you and shoot you up, and the fifth will blow while you're flying upwards, giving an added boost.


The first and most basic technique with concing is to throw a concussion grenade on the ground, stand a few feet infront of it (the farther you are from the nade when it goes off, the more power you get from it), and jump right before it goes off. This will send you flying forward. I have no name for it.

Double Conc - To pull a double off, the easiest way is to throw one conc down on the ground and prime another one (that is, press and hold your secondary grenade bind, g by default), and get ontop of the first. When the first one is about to go off, jump. If you do it right, you'll be shot straight up in the air. Just before your second goes off, look straight down and toss it down below you. This will shoot you up even farther.

Triple Conc - This one is a bit more tricky. To do it at first, find a map with a tall roof and a wall. Like your standard one conc jump which was explained in the first part of this section, throw a conc down on the ground, about 30 feet from a wall. Throw another conc right after this at the wall. Then, prime and hold another conc. Position yourself a bit infront of the first one, and jump as it's about to go off. If timed right, you'll be above the second conc as it goes off. If you're lucky or good at timing, you'll be able to HH your third one and get an extra boost (do this if you're going up quickly when your conc is about to blow). Otherwise, toss your third one below you.

That's all I can write up for now. As I stated in the beginning, other members are encouraged and asked to add onto this with their advice and assistance (water concing, for example, which I'm too tired to fit in right now). This is just the beginning of what will hopefully be a comprehensive guide to concussion jumping in FF.
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Useful info, ive only just got the hand of singular conc jumping
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