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2 IRC channels - Skills training and NG guild

#IronRing - Engineer training guild

I love the Engineer class. CrackBrain honored me with membership into -[e9]- but some douche in the channel would always deop me. So, I stopped wearing the tag quite a while back. -4|4- was my preferred Engy guild as I always respected Doughnut. Recently, -4|4- died and it left me sad in the pants. This led me to form a new FF Engineer Guild, Iron Ring.

It does not have a tag, requirements, qualifications... or anything set up yet. That stuff will develop later. It's main purpose is to help Engies get better or to bring new players into the class. Eventually, I hope to have a guide similar to Dough's old Engineer guide. That thing was FULL of good information. Please feel free to idle, support, contribute or ask questions.

#assault - movement, agility and skills training
Assault School and the Assault guild =(@)= have a long history going back to the pre-bhop days of TFC. I believe it was started by Majgob. Rimuladas carried the guild for it's last few years and ran classes. These were well organized and tough!

I have no contact with either of these two guys and I'm not qualified to hold such classes. It would take a lot of work to get Assault School for FF up to the corresponding TFC classes. Also, I don't want to step on their toes or wrongfully use the tag. So, I will not claim this to be a continuation of their work and won't hold classes for students to earn the Assault tag. I just want to keep the spirit of Assault School alive.

So please, if you feel qualified at some aspect of TFC... or perhaps even leet, idle in the channel and lets share our knowledge. Several of us have access to servers now and could help train newbies. We could also just help each other to better our FF skills in general.

It would be great if every so often we could hold a "clinic" on advanced concing, bhopping and movement, Spy... etc.

Both channels are on Gamesurge.
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