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View Poll Results: Which design do you prefer?
A. High Power, Low Survivability 1 5.56%
B. Balanced Power & Survivability 13 72.22%
C. Low Power, High Survivability 4 22.22%
Voters: 18. You may not vote on this poll

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Which SG design do you prefer?

What design philosophy do you prefer for the Sentry Gun? This poll seems redundant given the middle option, but I can't be too sure of what people might want, and I don't want to presume what the they want, so I decided to create a poll to get actual input.

A. High Power, Low Survivability
The Sentry Gun deals huge damage and has very little survivability. It can mow down a Heavy as if he were a Scout, but when focus fired, it can easily be destroyed by a few nails from a Medic's Super Nailgun. Because of the low survivability, the Engineer becomes obligated to maintaining it and can not support it.

B. Balanced Power & Survivability
The Sentry Gun deals moderate damage with moderate survivability. It can't kill a Heavy in a fraction of a second nor does it die by a few nails. The Engineer has to dedicate equal time to maintaining his gun and supporting his gun.

C. Low Power, High Survivability
The Sentry Gun deals low supportive damage but has huge survivability. It takes a while to kill a Heavy though can easily absorb nails and fragmentation grenades with tons of health to spare. (Perhaps, it could even survive a MIRV?) The Engineer no longer has to 'babysit' his gun in this condition, instead he is freed to move around the immediate area while using its supportive fire in combination with his own.

Of course, if you have some other variation (if possible) explain in detail.

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B but on the side of A. If you can run past the gun without dying, it's useless. However, no player should ever die from a sentry without having the chance to know what's happening and get away.

There's a third important variable here, and that's how quickly you can get a sentry build and upgraded. If the sentry dies easily, but you can get another within seconds, that's fine too. That has a side effect of making the engineer's survival more important.
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Carl's points work for me.
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Quick question: Which version is TFC's gun? Which is FF 1.0's gun?

From your descriptions it sounds like none of them. TFC's is definitely high power, but it also provides a splash protection shield that the engineer can hide behind.

FF 1.0's didn't have splash protection, but it had more hitpoints to compensate for that.

In both cases, if you maintain them, they have high power, high survivability. If you don't maintain them, they have high power, low survivability. Also I hate the "disposable sentry" style of making low power, low survivability, but quick to get up that Crazycarl's proposed (and what we have now).

I don't think my option is here.

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There is also the time it takes to detect enemies and turning time. These are also important variables to consider.

I still like my idea of an temporary sg shield. The shield would only be available after it charged up. The shield could reduce the damage taken by half or so. Would give the sg higher survivability against nades, while not making it impossible to take out with nades. The shield less useful in the event of nailgun fire.

Would give the engineer more options and add a certain skill to playing engineer.
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D: offtopic but its partial highthvis sentry retexture

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