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5 Second freezeups in game

Firstly, many thanks for all the hard work you;ve put into this, it shows though and I for one am really looking forward to getting teeth right into it!

Howver, I wouldn;t be posting here without a problem I guess.

Every 20 seconds or so, the screen ends up freezing totally for 3-5 seconds. People hang mid-air in front of me, et al. It cna happen in the middle of some dm, or when I'm totally alone in respawn.

I've tried going to the config.cfg and adding rate 20000, given the default config.cfg seemed to have no rate values and that seemed to ring a bell from TFC configs of yesteryear, but it showed no improvement to no avail.

It's not done this on any other game, or HL2.

I'm running a pretty new core2duo, nV 8800gtx, 4Gb ram, with the NV drivers giving file versions of and Vista Home Premium.

I've given HL2 admin rights as I ahve most gams to avoid some of the UAC issues that crop up.

Any ideas on what to try wold be really appreciated.
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I'm really sorry if the issues I have is the same as Gravy's he posted

I think it got posted within the time it took me to spellcheck mine!
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Only difference between yours and mine is that mine has at least 5 minutes between them.
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you guys both seem to be using the same, new driver version; try going back to an earlier one
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Ok, after some testing, it does the same on DoD:S (last time I'd played DOD:S was on old pc, XP no problems, I can't help but feel this is a Vista issue ) but seems fine on HL2 epi1 (for soem reason as of now, HL2 fails to run with a "This game is currently unavailable, please try later." message though it;s SP offline play. Even after validating the hl2 game files.

So, my issue is clearly not FF specific. I'm trying to resolve via the steam help pages now, but any input would be gratefully received!

I've now tried with both gfx and sound at minimum settings, and no change.

Someone's sugegsted deleting clientregistry.blob, could that help?

I've tried 3 sets of ideo srviers -current/older/newest beta - none change the issue.

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