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Ten features to make FF better

This is a list that is guaranteed to revive interest in the general public. Of all the mods I could have shared this with, I picked our beloved mod because I think it needs the most help.

1. All players are now robots.

This will reach out to the sci-fi demographic, and frankly will add in an element of realism that the game is lacking right now. Honestly, how do people keep respawning death after death and take tons of bullets without going down? Now we can explain both of these away with nanomachines. Of course, then the engineer will have to play a bigger part in the game. If everyone is a robot then they will be subject to breakdowns and need to have their oil changed every 3,000 deaths.

2. Change the art style to anime

Next we have to get all the weeaboos. Seriously, they'll play anything as long as the characters have large eyes, make absurd faces at inappropriate times, and have overly dramatic dialogue.

3. Change all weapons to melee weapons from different regions and eras.

Come on guys, we need more diversity in our weapons. Practically every FPS ever has guns and explosives. You need to break away from the herd and make this game 100% close combat.

4. Make teams more different.

I don't mean that you need to make them redder or bluer, you need to make them a real team. Blue team can be robot vikings, red can be robot samurai, yellow will be robot native americans warriors, and the green team will be robot african tribal warriors. And you can make them have their own perks, like vikings will be super strong and better than the other teams, all samurai on the field will have to kill themselves if they're still alive when they lose, the native americans will be super sneaky but if they stay too close to an enemy they'll catch a robot virus, and the robot africans will be able to jump and run faster.

5. Add in levels and equipment

Everyone likes to feel like they're progressing, so add in levels and gear. Maybe you can start as a level 1 soldier and then eventually it will branch out into all the different classes. Then you can have different rocket launchers, like the level 1 will be really slow and not do much damage and the level 50 one will be a heat-seeking tactical nuke. Sure new players will be at a significant disadvantage, but they'll have a clear path of advancement that they can work towards.

6. Make some maps coop

If you're going to have gear then obviously we need some way to get it. Have your map makers start creating stories and backgrounds behind their maps so that players grow more attached to them. Think about it, wouldn't you like dustbowl a lot more if you had memories of finally getting your tactical nuke from the goblin king that rules over it? Also they can't drop every time since we don't want people to get everything and then never play it again.

7. Slow everything down

Why does everything have to be so fast? This is supposed to be a game, something you do to take your mind off anything stressful. Lets slow this down so that EVERYONE can relax and enjoy it. Once things are slower I think it will cause people to interact with each other more, and lead to a much closer community. Maybe the forums will even liven up some more when people visit during the few minutes they have autorunning to the enemy base.

8. Ban competitive play

No one likes having parts of the game unavailable to you. If all the new people aren't good enough for the leagues and pickup games, then you need to get rid of them, because then it'll feel like they're forever locked out of parts of their game, and who wants to play half a game?

9. Remove technical skills

Some of the things like concjumping and bunnyhopping are just too hard for your average player. You need to make sure that in this overhaul patch you remove anything like that. No one wants to see people doing things that they can't pull off themselves, so make sure to homogenize all gameplay elements to the lowest common denominator. I'm sure everyone will enjoy it more since the new people won't be getting owned, and the old guys won't get bored because they're absolutely dominating everyone else.

10. Make people pay for it

Most people believe you get what you pay for, so if we charge for it, then others will see the game as being valuable and want to own it. And if they aren't paying for your game, then what is their impetus to play it? It didn't cost them anything so they have no reason to "get their money's worth". This will make the playerbase more consistent and the devs will get the support they need to produce expansions that will improve gameplay even further.

So that's my list, I hope you guys are able to implement most of these so that players everywhere get a chance to see how great Fortress Forever is (or will be). I'm sure the dev team will probably want to bring me on board to help out in the future, but honestly I'm a busy man and don't have the time for it. Thanks anyways, though.

Have a good day!
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lol nice one
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+ fucking 1


Edit: just remove 3, 9, 1, 8, 2, 7, 10, 4, 6 and 5... and your list will get done!
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Brilliant ideas!

I don't understand why this wasn't implemented in the first place.

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hah nice mate
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Personally, I like the idea of a Level 3 Robot Samurai.
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I like the speed, but everything else sounds great!
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Now redirecting...

I think that fulfills most of your wishes.
You're welcome.
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Yeah.. where's that goddamn goblin king on dustbowl. About time.
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I am absolutely sticking to these ideas of yours.
Oh, man... More armor for the win, yeah?
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I give you all 1 week to produce a map with a goblin king. We need that shit.
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y halo thar
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i lol'd
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Goblin King quest will be our first priority after the level 7 sentry dungeon drops.
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