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Originally Posted by Dexter View Post
I was going to suggest resistance and liberation here ( but don't bother, I havent seen anyone online in that mod in ages it's fucking excellent too
Yeah, I used to play Resistance and Liberation, still have it installed actually, it was unique, and fun to play, I liked how as you moved your gun would move too, so it isn't just stuck in one place. Was a good idea.

And yeah, Insurgency is pretty realistic, which has been determined already, unless you really give it a go, you'll end up rage quitting, It's not as easy as say.. a COD game, which you can just pick up with a basic experience of FPS games and be great at it instantly because it's so noob friendly.

Insurgency will kick your ass, and shit down your neck when you first play it. Because you're not playing it like you would in real life, if you just run across a road or run through a doorway, you will get owned... You need to use your environment, and it's a good newbie tactic to get used to Leaning, lean around a corner to have a look, only a small amount of you is showing so you can quickly pull back if bullets start flying at you. If you do want to be like a bull in a china shop, try and get your hands on the Engineer class before someone else does, get the shotgun, and on maps with buildings and small spaces, you can just run around and freehand everyone in your path with the shotgun spread, I rarely use the iron sights with a shotgun.

None of that means it isn't a fast paced shooter, once you know your shit you can get around a map fast and flank enemies, it's all about who shoots first usually, surprise, you sprint behind a wall, lean around with your iron sights on, and anyone around that corner, is unprepared, to do anything they need to get their iron sights up and aim, you have the upper hand.

Due to its realism, you may die often, but at the same time, once you know what you're doing, you can take out 10+ people before dying and get right behind enemy lines. My weapon of choice is often sniper, almost always a one hit kill, so with the element of surprise on my side, I can just shit my way through the entire enemy team and make them all my bitches as I stalk the buildings shooting them all in the back of the head.

But, it takes effort. And many would rather pick up a generic game like COD, rather than put time into a game like Insurgency.
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Originally Posted by Dexter View Post
wat? insurgency is ~ OWNAGE ~
this is correct.

You cant run around like an idiot, you actually need to know where you are in adjacent to where the enemy is. Learning the maps helps this. Also, cover helps.
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