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Fuck the Witcher...

I bought it cheap, and I loved the NWN series. So tell me, what is all the hype about this game? Is only the fact that you can fuck bitches? The combat is boring and repetitive, its retarded when you have more than 3 enemies and the magic system is lame. I get hurt, and I run around for a minute so my health refills so I can go do it again...

Is there some game mechanic I'm not taking advantage of or is it just a shitty game? I've been playing it for a day or so now, hoping it got better. It hasn't...
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It's one of those heavy on the dialog RPG type games. I made it about 3/4 of the way through the game before losing interest.

I don't think you're missing much. The story is fairly well done but I just don't have the time to play those heavy dialog games anymore. If I was single and could spend time actually getting into the story and character, i'd have more fun but as it is I get bored fairly quickly these days.
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Originally Posted by Lost View Post
Is only the fact that you can fuck bitches?
I guess there are a lot of teens that can't do it in real life, and this game is marketed towards them.
Originally Posted by zSilver_Fox
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sounds like the equivlent of reading a book without having to use your imagineation.

also only 3 really the status quo is alteast 4 now. 3 is so last year.
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