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TF2 - The Medic

Ut oh, looks like we have some more competition...
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TF2 is now free. In case anyone missed that.
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If TF2 is free, Does that mean mod support is free too?
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Last night I was talking to an old friend on steam who I used to play on NeoTokyo with, (great mod if you've never heard of it) I was talking about Fortress Forever with him and recommending it since he used to be a TFC player, and he mentioned TF2 has become Free to play D:, so I downloaded it overnight.

I'll be giving it a go, only ever really had a free weekend on it.

I'm not looking forward to all of the items though, people who have money and play a lot will have probably bought a lot of items to give them an edge. And since I don't have very much money, I'll be walking into TF2 as a default player against everyone else with better weapons and crap :/
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I find all the new crap rather unfun to play against. Walk into a pub, have no idea what anybody uses, get royally buttfucked because although "all weapons are equal", some are more equal than others and so many of them require you to throw conventional rules out the window. And as a new player, not having any items is just retarded. You think "wow, that'd be nice, as a spy I can autodisguise on a successful backstab!" hahaha, that's not even a standard drop IIRC, you have to get multiple drops, break them down, then reforge it, have fun poopsocking or shelling out money for it.
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