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Day of Defeat Source

Day of Defeat 1.3 was before my time -- however DoDS is one of my favorite games. I would probably give DoD a shot if I didn't hear that it is completely dead (then again I play FF so...)

Do any of you play DoDS? What do you think of it?
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I played the hell out of DoD 1.3, i have source as well, but i haven't played it in a while.

I enjoyed it, but i'm an old foggy HL mod player so
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I used to play DoD:S, just got out of the habit. And I played the original DoD religiously; I was a BAR and KAR whore to the max. Still love those running KAR headshots. I also remember drawing a dot on my old CRT just to no-scope with the Springfield. Pinpoint even at a run. Was aweSOME.
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