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I like Ceyx
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Mortal Online Free Trial

Ive been following this game for about 4 years. Finally can try it out! This mmorpg is still in beta I believe. They were charging people to play the beta and they just recently opened up a 14 day free trial. No CC required. 9gb. Graphics look nice,

Lemme know if anyone else is gonna try this!
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That looks pretty cool. I like the fact that combat requires aim and skill rather than pressing a hotbar button like most mmo's.

I'll give it a try.



Have you played this yet Chef? I was doing some more reading about it and based on the fact that there are no safe zones, apparently preying on newbies has become somewhat of a hobbie for alot of players. It seems that alot of people start this game, get owned over and over again by PK'ers and end up rage quitting for good.

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