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2fort 8 26.67%
well 4 13.33%
schtop 10 33.33%
dustbowl 11 36.67%
avanti 13 43.33%
flagrun 7 23.33%
warpath 11 36.67%
openfire 9 30.00%
destroy 13 43.33%
other (post and let me know) 7 23.33%
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Originally Posted by [AE] 82694 View Post
I bet you got a 6 slot ass holding the whole communities loads.

Wait, so oaties is your mother?
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Coming up with something so fuckin' gay says more about you than anyone else, 82.
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shut your fucking hole cum face.
I Love GenghisTron . I miss you sooooo Much. LOL.
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I like most CTF maps, and I'm meh with all AvD maps, but that's personal preference.

The lists others have posted cover everything I want, as long as you have the basic, enjoyable maps, a small list of my favorites that come to mind:

Aardvark, Destroy, DropDown, Shutdown2, Congestus, Roasted, Bases, Monkey, Openfire, Schtop, Well.

Those are most played these days.

It's more the features of the server that determine its popularity, stats are always good, allow map nomination, and rtv and the basics. And when the end of map vote comes up. Have it structured,

Something like 2 CTF maps, 2 AvD maps 1 Other map, and make sure that at least one map from the list I posted above, shows up, and at least 1 popular AvD map.

The one big killer of servers is when a map vote comes up, and it is just a list of custom or terrible maps... split voting and something wins with like 33% of the vote or something, it's a map only a handful like, and it just ends up being the death of the server for that day or until a popular map comes on.

Tailoring the vote like that may seem like only certain maps will be chosen, but that is what makes a successful server.

OT is currently the most successful server, packed on night times. And you can count the maps played in a full night on both of your hands. Including almost every map from the list above several times, mainly maps like Destroy, Shutdown2, Aardvark, Openfire, DropDown. People's favorite maps, my favorite is DropDown.

Trying to be different generally doesn't work, you need to feed the players what they know, want and play but still give them the option to choose something different if they feel like it.
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