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Black Mesa Voice Actor
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clean out your cache, toss your cookies and reboot your browser and then computer?

Random Thoughts Only
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pwning CTF since 1999
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Any update on this? I miss my TFC vox
[ gr. illogicality- ] #ugc-ff
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פֿяαιп βαмαgεפ
Annoying people since 1986
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Location: Belgium a.k.a. absurdistan
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Gametype: CTF
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Send a message via MSN to פֿяαιп βαмαgεפ
I offer my voice for a 'freaky Belgian accent' VOX.
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Old 04-04-2015, 11:13 PM   #24
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OMG! i have oldschool TFC vox ingame! thanks so much!
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thank you it is useful for me.
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