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older than dirt
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Annoying things non-geeks ask you to do

Since most of you still around here fall into the 'geek' category, here is something that is so true:
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rihanna naked pics definitely real oh yes this one isn't a virus.exe
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"As the the new year approaches I await for it like an case of explosive fecalomania otherwise know as diareha or the massive shits. I am gripping the sides of the toilet as my stomach produces the first hollow thud out of the anus of the year to come." DarkeN_HellspawN
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I get 5 and 10 enough to want to avoid certain people.

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Deadly Furby
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"I don't know how all this gay porn got on my laptop. The guy who owned it before me must have left it on there."

(Conversation about a laptop, 3 months later, that when given to him only had Windows 7 on it)
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While performing number 10 on my mom's boyfriends laptop, i discovered just how true number 2 is.
The last thing i expected to see was a collection of tranny porn and some very wierd shit on top of that..
His daughter and a friend used it as well he said, dunno what i believe, but it scarred me for life.. i deleted the history folder in its entirety and proceeded to take a shower.
Couldnt be as bad as riceys laptop is though, with how far he takes rule 34
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