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Clean screenshots

I enjoy taking lots of screenshots while playing FF and wanted to share a few scripts that help get the best images.

Disables the HUD to get a clean shot.
//clean screenshot
bind y "+cleanscreen"
alias +cleanscreen "cl_drawhud 0"
alias -cleanscreen "jpeg; cl_drawhud 1"

Capture the moment you detonate your dispenser in all its beauty.
//Det dispenser
bind mouse4 "+detdisp"
alias +detdisp "detdispenser; cl_drawhud 0"
alias -detdisp "jpeg; cl_drawhud 1"

Now post your awesome screens!

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Very cool should do that for every dispenser kill squeek gets or.. everytime he fires his railgun.
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squeek doesnt build dispensers, hes 2slow
#FF.Pickup - Quakenet
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what's a dispenser? Maybe i can trade it for a better item. oh wait, that's another game right.
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