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Weapon Switch Config

Hello there,

so what I was thinking of is pretty simple - I have seen all those weapon switch configs which use one button to switch between the weapons. However I am a player whom uses the mousewheele a lot, actually while playing I can't stop switching weapons as it kinda became a 'normal' thing for me, used to it by CS and TFC such as other Shooters. So I had MWup and MWdown basicly for weapon switch which can be a bit confusing while your in combat und use twice MWdown for example but don't switch weapons as it's bound to one weapon....however I came up with this, I use it and works great.

I use this in my soldier.cfg - slot3@shotgun and slot5@rocketlauncher
alias soldier_w1 "slot3; alias soldier_w_switch_up soldier_w3; alias soldier_w_switch_down soldier_w2"
alias soldier_w2 "slot5; alias soldier_w_switch_down soldier_w4; alias soldier_w_switch_up soldier_w1"
alias soldier_w3 "slot5; alias soldier_w_switch_up soldier_w1; alias soldier_w_switch_down soldier_w4"
alias soldier_w4 "slot3; alias soldier_w_switch_down soldier_w2; alias soldier_w_switch_up soldier_w3"

alias soldier_w_switch_up soldier_w1
alias soldier_w_switch_down soldier_w3
bind "MWHEELUP" "soldier_w_switch_up"
bind "MWHEELDOWN" "soldier_w_switch_down"
You can use this config for any class by changing the slots which are being used by the classes. This script works for two weapons only, but I'm pretty shure there is a way for three weapons - but I'm just to lazy atm.
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for a third weapon you would just need to add another alias into the command to include another weapon slot.
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Nice script buddy! I'll be sure to use it!
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Thank you man. Great stuff.

Im not very good at these things but i managed to make it work on engy.
But what i can't figure out is how to include the changeweapon sound. I know it's effectively useless but I want it for the feel. Could anybody help me?
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