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Does the FF Lua script support read/write?

I tried using various methods of opening files in the Lua script, but seen as there's about 5 different methods of doing it in different programs using Lua, it's probably better to just ask.

If there is file support, what are the commands, and if there isn't, will we ever see it exist?

If it existed, it'd mean that Lua scripts can actually permanently save settings and the like, rather than them resetting to defaults every map change. :P

Making plugins would be much more viable with an easier way of changing settings in a file, as well as the ability for stuff to be changed in-game.

A few examples:
  • Showing player statistics.
  • Showing custom welcome messages if a player hasn't played on the server before.
  • Setting players listed in a file as 'admin' and allowing them access to more commands.
  • Easier for server admins to change settings out-of-game with a simple text file.
  • Custom variables not used by the game itself, but by the Lua script (say, a custom .cfg containing variables used to alter gameplay).
  • All server plugins able to be converted to Lua, making them easier to update, change, be make specific for a server.

Overall, adding file support gives the Lua script almost the same amount of flexibility as the actual game's code itself.
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