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Animated Skies?

Is there a way to animate a skybox where clouds can actually move, and or a sun sets to become night time? I remember going to certain servers where the skybox was different on 2fort that made it nighttime, and I was wondering if that was even a possibility.

Here are a couple examples where skies have been animated in QTF:

Moto's Funhouse | Dallas, TX -

ff_plunder - Complete
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What I did for Mulch_faf was make a brush with the cloud texture on the bottom face and noclip on the others and placed it right below the skybox, high above the player. It automatically moves.
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You can put anything you want in your sky as long as you can model it. Just look at HL2:ep1 and ep2 and the cloud effects they put above the citadel.

Day to night transitions won't work too well, because all the lighting in your map is pre-rendered. The engine won't support large-scale dynamic lights.
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