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axlfly8b ftmfw . Anyway, I'm going to try to get Hammer to fucking work properly, then build up a room template. Unless someone else is up for it, I'll take lead on this (first time I'll ever actually complete something too).

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Now, I would like to collaborate on something like an AVD sometime. Have everyone agree on a set of textures to use (or have someone make a custom texture pack JUST for the map) and then have someone draw the layout out real simple like and then have everyone go in and do their piece... having one guy start off and then pass it along.

Sort of like this:

Yeah, fucking e-baums. Sigh.

But that was one big long colab picture. One guy started, passed it on, and the next guy made the next area.

That'd be pretty fucking cool to do in my opinion. You'd need to have a time requirement of, say, a week or so for each section. If somebody can't do it he passes it on.

THEN, once as much as could be done is finished, someone takes it under his wing and finishes it.
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