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FF.SNT restart

Greetings all,

The 4 servers I was hosting seem to have lost all but one or two players in the last 3 months. Almost everyone went over to zE's server, which isn't really a problem

Seeing the amount of servers and their open slots far outweigh the amount of players to this game, sadly, I've come to the conclusion it's useless to host 4 servers who never get visited...

Starting today, 3 of the servers have been taken down.
The only server up now would be the one hosting the new maps who will be shipped with the upcoming 2.4 release.

If by any change the amount of players on the servers will increase, I will see to it there will be a second server placed online.

Next to the amount of servers going offline I'd also like to make the notification that the banlist has been purged. People who where banned for a fair (or unfair) reason are allowed a clean sheet and play on the server.

So, as a conclusion, the below server will be online and awaiting players:
#FF.SNT @ quakenet - #1 New maps only! - 2.4 EU (

The banlist can be seen here and the stats can be visited here.


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