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The game has some pretty big visual issues at this point. Players seem to blend into the background, weapons aren't all that visually distinguishable from each other, their designs don't always immediately scream "This is an assualt rifle!" or "this is a pistol!" or "this gun shoots plasma!" They all seem over-designed and ugly. The environments seem to be too dark, there's a ton of bloom, and the player designs also seem overly complicated. The game lacks its own distinct visual style aswell. Something that when you look at a screenshot, it'll make you say "Oh yeah, that's this game!" right off the bat.

The game could be good from a gameplay standpoint, but visual clarity (being able to identify a player against a background immediately, identifying what weapon a player is currently holding without him shooting it, etc) plays a very big role in the enjoyment and quality of a game. Plus, if you're game looks pretty and clear and not confusing, people are generally more likely to not drop it as fast.

It looks like the devs are about to make some of the mistakes that Unreal Tournament 3 made
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