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? cany anyone tell me how

how do you make a trigger_hurt ony hurt 1 team

and is there a way to make it where 1 team makes it to a point on the map and they die and get points for making it to that spot on the map for there team and 1 other team?

and one other one like on hunted when you kill the hunted that team gets point how do get that to work on my map and i dont want to use the hunted one?
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I moved this to the LUA section because I know it has stuff to do with Lua, but I'm not sure what.
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Here's the trigger_hurt thing. This is ripped directly from Aardvark's lua. just name your trigger_hurt blue_slayer to kill blue and red_slayer to kill red.
KILL_KILL_KILL = trigger_ff_script:new({ team = Team.kUnassigned })

function KILL_KILL_KILL:allowed( activator )
	local player = CastToPlayer( activator )
	if player then
		if player:GetTeamId() == then

blue_slayer = KILL_KILL_KILL:new({ team = Team.kBlue })
red_slayer = KILL_KILL_KILL:new({ team = Team.kRed })
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He already got the answer in a newer thread...
People should really learn to give proper titles for their threads.
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