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|  General
|  General
|  "3 Closed Caskets"  
|  "Closed Coffin Funeral"  
|  Sniper
|  Sniper
|  Get 5 headshots in a row.
|  Get 5 headshots in a row.

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This is a list of proposed achievements. None of these are part of the game yet.

Achievement Name Intended Class Description Difficulty
"What is this I don't even" Scout Uncloak 4 spies as a Scout by bumping into them. General
"Closed Coffin Funeral" Sniper Get 5 headshots in a row. General
"Learn Bhop" * Go 50% of your class' max bunnyhop speed. General
"Master Bhop" * Go 100% of your class' max bunnyhop speed. General
"Going Away Gift" Heavy Kill 50 enemies carrying your flag. General
"Learn to Drop-Conc" Scout or Medic Drop a concussion grenade and jump as it goes off, scoring a boost. General
"Learn to Hand-Held" Scout or Medic Prime a concussion grenade without dropping it. Jump before it explodes to score a boost. General
"Rocket Jump" Soldier As a Soldier, aim at the ground and simultaneously jump and fire your rocket launcher to score a boost. General
"Pull!" Soldier Score a direct hit on an airborne target using the rocket launcher. General
"Explosive Pinball" Engineer Kill an enemy by rebounding a railgun shot two or three times. General
"Denying Area Denial" Engineer Throw an EMP grenade on an enemy Demoman's pipes to cause them to detonate and kill an enemy. General
"Closing Sale" Spy Sabotage an enemy Engineer's dispenser and detonate it when an enemy restocks, killing him. General
"Three One-Way Tickets" Demoman Detonate your pipes and score a triple kill. General
"Cat and Mouse" Scout Kill a Heavy with the crowbar. General
"Funk Soul Bother" * Call for a Medic who then heals you from infection. General
"A Slow Death" Spy Kill someone with the tranquilizer gun. General
"Range & Retribution" * - Sniper Kill an enemy Sniper from long range. General
"Show up or drop dead" * Kill a fully cloaked Spy. General
"Heavy Load" Heavy Capture the enemy flag 50 times. General