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Civilian pic.jpg
Health Low 75
Armour Low 50 (30%)
Speed Low 230u/s
Power Low
Role Escaping

The Civilian is only found in "VIP escort" type maps and other special modes. This weak, slow character is originally armed with just an Umbrella (the functional equivalent of a Crowbar). He typically requires the protection of his teammates in order to complete a map's objectives.

In TFC, the Civilian was sometimes referred to as "the prez," "fatty," "the blueberry," or "Mr. Potato Head". It is expected that the Fortress Forever version will be called some variation of "Winston Churchill" as the Civilian's appearance is heavily influenced by a certain famous picture of Winston Churchill.

The Civilian has also been heavily used as a generic class in fun or skill maps. These maps are usually an adventure made by custom mappers where players (usually working as a team) are given the basic objective of reaching the end of the map, with various challenges along the way.

The Civilian also functions as the goalkeeper in Waterpolo. On this map his umbrella will instantly kill opponents and he is invulnerable to damage as long as he stays inside the goal area. Outside of the goal area he takes four times as much damage from weapons.

Previously, the Spy could not disguise as a Civilian; this is no longer the case in Fortress Forever.

Basic Strategy

  • On ff_hunted, stay close to your teammates and try to hide if you're not on the move. Ideally, communicate using a microphone.
  • On ff_waterpolo, stay near the goal and kill enemies with your umbrella. Touch the ball to send it back to the midfield.

Special Abilities

  • You can end the game on ff_hunted.
  • Your ability to die is remarkable.




Useful if it rains.


  • The Civilian does not have any grenades.

Additional Strategy and Tips

  • Stay out of the way of snipers. Wait for your bodyguards to give you the clear before you move around. Always try to conceal yourself and stay safe.

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