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Demoman pic.jpg
Health Medium 90
Armour Medium 120 (60%)
Speed Medium 280u/s
Power Very High
Role Hybrid

The Demoman is for the player who likes to pack a very large amount of firepower. The Demoman's primary weapon is his Grenade/Pipe Launcher, which has two separate fire modes: timed detonation and remote detonation. The remote detonation pipe bombs make the Demoman excellent at defending important areas. His weapons have a lot of explosive power, the trade-off being a lack of serious armor, moderately slow speed, and the fact that his Grenade Launcher requires practice to master.

Although he is primarily a defensive class, the Demoman can function in an offense role as well. Even though his health and armor are not the greatest in the game, the sheer power of his weapons puts the Demoman into the "heavy" category of offense: ideal for punching holes in a strong enemy defense to allow lighter attackers through.

Basic Strategy

  • Place your yellow pipe bombs on your team's flag to defend it. Detonate them when an enemy tries to touch it.
  • Use blue grenades to defend yourself if attacked directly.

Special Abilities

  • Remote Detonation
    Right clicking detonates any deployed pipes that were laid using the Pipe Launcher, regardless of which weapon is currently equipped. This command will not detonate pipe bombs that were just fired (they glow red).

  • Detpack
    The Demoman can lay a Detpack, an extremely powerful explosive that instantly kills anything within its blast radius. It can also destroy walls and grates on some levels, opening up new pathways. Scouts can disarm Detpacks by touching them.




The standard-issue crowbar for every class. It does some damage, but not enough to make a difference in a battle against a full-health opponent. It's a good humiliation tool for someone who is about to die, however.



The pelletgun is a weapon of last resort. Use it against opponents that you know you won't be able to hit with your blue grenades and pipebombs, or if you find yourself caught with your grenade launcher unloaded. It can also be used to save grenade ammo; Scouts that have been hit with a blue grenade will die in one pelletgun shot.

Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher

The Grenade Launcher holds six blue grenades, which have a hybrid timer/contact detonation system. If you score a direct hit on an opponent, it will do a large amount of damage. If the grenades don't score a direct hit, they explode automatically in just a little over a second after being fired.

Pipe Launcher

Pipe Launcher

This is an alternate fire mode of the grenade launcher, so it shares the same clip. Pipe bombs are yellow and feature a remote detonation system. You can lay up to eight of them; they are detonated using mouse2. Pipe bombs will explode automatically if the Demoman who laid them dies, if they are not detonated for a few minutes, or if you lay more than eight. There is a period of about a second after firing a pipebomb, where it glows red and cannot be detonated.


Frag grenade

Frag grenade

A standard fragmentation grenade. Use this when you have run out of the more powerful MIRV grenades (below).

MIRV Grenade

MIRV Grenade

The most destructive grenade in Fortress Forever. The MIRV grenade explodes at the end of its fuse, releasing four more mini grenades which then explode too. That's 5 high-damage explosions for your enemies to avoid.

Additional Strategy and Tips

See Class:Demoman/Strategy for more information.

Defensive Demoman

  • Make sure you have pipe bombs on the flag at all times.
  • Remember your Grenade Launcher and Pipe Launcher share a single small clip.
  • Enemy Scouts can be incredibly fast: good reaction time and the ability to pay close attention are important.
  • Your pipe bombs explode when you die, and your low armour compared to that of the Soldier and HWGuy make you a juicy target for enemy Medics and Spies.
  • Listen for the "click" sound of a Scout's conc grenade, so you can guess exactly when he'll hit your pipe trap.

Offensive Demoman

  • Lay pipe traps around the enemy base, and try to lure defenders into them.
  • Your MIRV Grenades are extremely deadly to Sentry Guns.
  • Use your Detpack to open alternative routes for attackers to enter.
  • The Pipe Launcher can be used as a movement tool. Lay a pipe on the ground and blow it up as you jump.
  • Pipe jumping allows you to quickly traverse long distances and reach inaccessible areas, at a cost to health and armour.

Playing Against a Demoman

  • He's only slightly better armoured than the Medic, and his pipe bombs explode when he dies.
  • Getting right up in his face may make him hesitate to hit you with his grenades, at risk of killing himself.
  • Keep an eye out for his yellow pipebombs.
  • His MIRVs are incredibly destructive. Don't get caught in the centre of one.
  • If you see an enemy Demoman drop a detpack, run away!

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