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A standard fragmentation grenade. Use this when you have run out of the more powered MIRV grenades (below).
A standard fragmentation grenade.

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Hwguy pic.jpg
Health High 100
Armour Very High 300 (80%)
Speed Low 230u/s
Power High
Role Defense

Although he looks slow and stupid, the Heavy Weapons Guy is an expert in the use of... heavy weapons. He carries a huge gun known as the assault cannon. It has a 200 round clip and slices through enemies like butter. While the recoil of firing such a weapon would probably kill lesser classes, the HWGuy is able to withstand it easily. However, the recoil is still rather powerful and firing the assault cannon does cause the HWGuy to slow down considerably. The gun is most effective at close to medium range, and quickly loses accuracy at long range. Due to the combined weight of his weaponry, armor, and self, the HWGuy moves very slowly.

Since he likely carries well over 200 pounds of gear (and is slightly overweight himself), the HWGuy is hard to push around with explosions. This makes the HWGuy effective at defending choke points. Since he can't easily be knocked out of them, the enemy has usually no choice but to either die to assault cannon fire or retreat. If you want to be an impenetrable (and deadly) wall, the HW Guy is the class for you.

Basic Strategy

  • Find a good defensive spot, and use the Assault Cannon to destroy any enemies you see!
  • Watch out, as you are almost immobile while your Assault Cannon is wound up.
  • Use Overpressure and slowfield grenades to slow down enemies and control the battlefield.

Special Abilities

  • Heaviness
    HWGuys are so heavy that they're almost impossible to move. Explosions do not knock HWGuys around. Concussion grenades can still push them around, however.

  • Overpressure
    The HWGuy stomps the ground hard and releases a shockwave that stops enemies in their tracks. Good for stopping conc jumping Scouts or Medics.




The standard-issue crowbar for every class. It does some damage, but not enough to make a difference in a battle against a full-health opponent. It's a good humiliation tool for someone who is about to die, however.



Pathetic damage, but it has a tight spread, so it's better than the Super Shotgun at long range.

Super Shotgun

Super Shotgun

Use this if you don't have enough time to wind up the assault cannon, or need maneuverability: for example, if a Spy is trying to backstab you.

Assault Cannon

Assault Cannon

Takes a couple of seconds to rev up, but does good, continuous damage up to medium range. The HWGuy is slowed considerably when firing it.


Frag grenade

Frag grenade

A standard fragmentation grenade.

Slowfield Grenade

Slowfield Grenade

A tactical grenade that releases a large, spherical high-gravity field. The slowfield will slows down any enemies that walk through it. It is very effective against enemies moving at high speeds, as it brings them to a crawl.

Additional Strategy and Tips

Defensive HWGuy

  • Movement isn't your strong point. Find a good position and stay in it.
  • You rely on your armour as well as your health in order to stay alive. Use Dispensers to replenish your armour, or call for a friendly Engineer to repair your armour by holding "Z" and selecting from the menu.
  • If you get hit by a concussion grenade, ignore your crosshair and aim using your AC's bullet trail instead.
  • Watch your back: your immobility while firing your Assault Cannon makes you a prime target for Medics' infections and Spies' backstabs.
  • Use Overpressure and Slowfield to control the fight. Fast-moving enemies will often go right past you otherwise.
  • When the flag is out, you can be something of an impromptu Demoman. Stand on the flag and use Slowfields/Overpressure to stop enemies from running away with it.

Offensive HWGuy

  • You're the slowest class in the game, so you take a long time to get to the enemy base after respawning. Your slow speed also makes you vulnerable to grenades and Snipers.
  • Leave capturing the flag to faster classes; focus on killing defenders so they can get through.
  • You're very slow while firing your Assault Cannon. Use your Super Shotgun if you need mobility.

Playing Against an HWGuy

  • While the HWGuy is firing the Assault Cannon, he can't dodge explosives. Peek out from behind cover and hit him with a grenade or rocket.
  • A distracted HWGuy is a good target for backstabs and infections.
  • Be careful not to get hit by Overpressure or Slowfields.

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