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Scout pic.jpg
Health Low 75
Armour Low 50 (30%)
Speed Very High 400u/s
Power Low
Role Offense

The Scout is the speed demon of Fortress Forever, focused on evading enemy defenses rather than attacking them. Despite his light armour and weak weapons, a skilled Scout's ability to steal the enemy flag is second to none, thanks to his very high speed and ability to conc jump.

Basic Strategy

  • Use your speed to grab the enemy flag and take it to the capture point.
  • Use concjumping to travel across the map and evade defenders.

Special Abilities


Movement is vital to the Scout. It's his only way to get to the flag!

  • Concussion Jumping
    The Scout can use the force of his Concussion Grenades to gain large amounts of speed and height.

  • Fall Damage Resistance
    The Scout takes half damage from falls, allowing him to perform large conc jumps without getting too badly hurt.

  • Jump Pad
    Building one of these in a strategic position will allow teammates to reach the enemy base quickly, without using conc grenades.


These abilities are rarely useful.

  • Disguise Removal
    A Scout can remove an enemy Spy's disguise by coming into contact with them. The Spy also possesses this ability.

  • Detpack Defusion
    Scouts can disable Detpacks by touching them, even if they are about to go off.




Low damage. Other players will kill you before you can get close enough to hit them with this.



Not powerful enough to kill anything except weakened opponents.



Decent for taking down Sentry Guns, not very good against players.


Concussion Grenade

Concussion Grenade

Used for concjumping, one of the Scout's most powerful abilities. Can also be used to knock enemies away and disorientate them.

Additional Strategy and Tips

Offensive Scout

  • The Scout's greatest asset is his speed. Avoiding combat is the Scout's only viable option as every other class outguns him. Your purpose is to grab the flag, not to kill enemies!
  • Even if the flag is heavily defended and you know you're going to die as soon as you touch it, touching the flag will reset the timer for it returning to the flag room. Touch the flag as often as possible to ensure that it never returns to its base.
  • Bunnyhopping increases your speed from fast to insanely fast, if you learn to do it effectively.
  • Build your Jump Pad to help your teammates get to the enemy base faster. It can also save you a conc.
  • Use conc grenades to knock defenders away from their positions. Remember, however, that many players are able to aim while concussed.
  • Fire your nailgun as you approach the flag room, in order to mask the "click" sound of your conc.
  • Press "C" to throw the flag. If the enemy base has a security system, throwing the flag outside the security area will be enormously helpful to your team.
  • Never lose sight of your ultimate goal: GRABBING THAT FLAG!

Defensive Scout

  • Don't bother. As he has no effective weapons and the lowest health and armour in the game, the Scout has no defensive role in any circumstances.

Playing Against A Scout

  • Scouts are the most dangerous enemies you will encounter as a defender. They can grab your flag and disappear with it in a tiny space of time.
  • Scouts are very fast, but their speed is less of an advantage in confined spaces. On maps with few confined spaces, good accuracy is essential when trying to stop a Scout.
  • Scouts have the lowest health and armour of any class; a couple of rockets, pipe bombs, or seconds of Sentry Gun fire will kill them without difficulty.
  • Learning to aim accurately while concussed is tricky, but very helpful when dealing with Scouts.
  • Listen for the distinctive grenade "click" sound. If it's coming from a Scout, it means that in four seconds' time, they're going to conc jump.

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