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This page contains the consensus opinion for Fortress Forever Wiki policies as well as the style guidelines for editing the pages contained therein.

Editing guidelines

  • Be Bold

If you see something that needs changing, change it! If you do not get it quite right, someone will probably come fix it.

  • Don't be Too Bold

This wiki is not a forum, or a blog, or your own personal webspace. It is a resource for all who come upon it. If something is your personal opinion, but does not reflect the truth, or at least the position of a majority of users, it probably does not belong here.

Talk Pages

  • The FF Wiki is not a forum

Conversations in the talk page should be directly relevant to the content of the associated page. Please keep off-topic discussion in the forums, or if it is wiki-related material, in a User sub page or talk page.

  • Conversations should be nested for clarity

Adding a colon ( : ) at the beginning of a reply to another editors comment will make conversations more clear. For example--

This is a single colon used, as with a reply.
And this is two used, for a reply to a reply.
  • Always sign your comments

Always sign your comments on a page. If you don't want anyone to find out what you wrote, you probably shouldn't have written it in the first place. You can sign your comments with four tilde's. ( ~~~~ ) For example--> Phisionary 18:53, 28 December 2007 (CST)

Note: Don't use this notation on regular pages (like I just did), wiki's are not intended for any one user to express or imply ownership over it's content.

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