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ADZ Maps


Zone maps come with a couple of variants: Attack and Defend The Zone (ADZ) and Invade and Defend The Zone (IDZ). Both feature a common theme, as the names suggest, of having one team assaulting a scoring zone while the other defends.


Attack and Defend Zone is a game mode where one team is attacking and the other team is defending. The attacking team scores points by entering the small end zone and staying there. There is no need to pick up a flag, and any attacker may score. The defending team may score points by keeping attackers out of the Zone for a certain period of time.

An example of an ADZ map is Genesis.

Typical Features:

  • Defenders get 60 seconds before each round to ready their defenses.
  • Attackers gain one point for reaching the zone, and 1 point per second while standing in the zone.
  • The defending team can score points by keeping all attackers out of the zone for 30 seconds--one point every ten seconds.
  • The defending team gets a "shutout bonus" if manage to go an entire round without allowing the attackers to score! (TODO: how much?)
  • Both teams get 2 rounds as attackers, and two rounds defending.
  • The length of each round is based on the map's time limit.

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