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Hunted is a game mode in which a VIP (or the Hunted, the Prez or the Civ, depending on your favourite name for the fat dude) must escape the map's confines to score points. A team of bodyguards assists the hunted in attempting to escape, while the assassins attempt to slay the hunted.

The bodyguard and hunted teams are allied and share a common score. The VIP's movements are relayed to the bodyguards via text messages (though we could improve on that somewhat, see discussion tab). The assassin team typically has a player limit of five, to give the bodyguard a reasonable chance of escaping.

Snipers are deprived of frag grenades, and the hunted has Auto Rifle resistant armour. This helps balance things somewhat.

Typical values

  • The Hunted & Bodyguard teams gain 50 points for escaping.
  • The hunted is rewarded with 10 team points. Each bodyguard receives five personal points.
  • The assassins are awarded 25 points for eliminating the hunted.
  • The killer is awarded 5 personal points and each assassin is also given a bonus of 2 personal points.

Map Types
Capture the Flag  •  Attack and Defend  •  Territory Control  •  Hunted  •  Deathmatch
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