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EMP Grenade
G em 190x190.jpg
Velocity 660 u/s Fuse 4 s
Status Effect N/A Expire Time N/A

The EMP grenade detonates any ammunition (dropped, fired or carried) in its area of effect and causes potentially huge explosions. Does not detonate grenades.


  • Wholly dependant on the ammunition in the local vicinity.
  • See the Ammo Types page for information regarding ammo's explosive qualities, and the damage done when the ammo type explodes.

Special Properties

  • Causes carried or dropped ammunition to detonate.
  • Detonates ammunition that is deployed. E.g. Rockets in midair, deployed pipes, nails midflight, IC rockets, tranq bullets and so on.
  • Does NOT detonate grenades, carried or thrown.
  • Travels through walls.
  • Triggers detpack fuses. Causes a five second countdown (if the detpack is not already ready to explode within five seconds).
  • Huge EMP explosions involving large amount of ammo should cause the ground to shake
Emp 1.jpg
An EMP grenade
Emp 2.jpg
Second image of the EMP
Emp 3.jpg
Third consecutive image
Emp 4.jpg
Just before EMP is activated
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