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Laser Grenade
G ng 190x190.jpg
Velocity 660 u/s Fuse 4 s
Status Effect N/A Expire Time 3 s

Used by the Soldier. Fairly effective against Sentry Guns and players in narrow corridors or confined spaces.

  • Upon the initial detonation, the laser grenade jumps up to waist height (~30 units) in a period of roughly 1/3 of a second.
  • The Grenade will not 'pop' up through solid surfaces. If a surface is blocking its way, it will stop rising.
  • It then locks in position and spins on the spot, shooting short-range lasers in a horizontal direction (i.e. parallel to ground)
  • Disappears after lasers stop firing.
Nail 1.jpg
A laser grenade
Nail 2.jpg
Second image of the grenade
Nail 3.jpg
Third consecutive image
Nail 4.jpg
Just before lasers are released
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