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Napalm Grenade
G np 190x190.jpg
Velocity 660 u/s Fuse 4 s
Status Effect Fire Expire Time 5.0 ±0.5 s

The Napalm Grenade explodes, then spreads a viscous napalm substance in the immediate area (hereby referred to as 'flames'). The flames spewing from the grenade take on the grenade's velocity in addition to a smaller, random vector. As the grenade explodes and the flames fly out, if a flame strikes a victim it will stick to them, causing damage and setting them on fire. If a flame sticks to the player, it is removed from the world. Any flames that did not strike a player will fall to the ground and settle, still burning. Flames on the ground emit a thick, black acrid smoke that can block visibility in confined spaces such as corridors. Running through any flames on the ground will cause damage, but not as much as a direct strike. Once the grenade expires, the smoke persists for a few more seconds.

Splash Range

  • The initial explosion's splash range is low (slightly smaller than a regular grenade explosion).
  • Each airborne flame requires a fairly accurate shot to stick to enemies.
  • Flames on the ground cause damage to anything that is nearby.


  • Flames on the ground push the player upwards with a small impulse. This aids jumping without being annoying.

Special Properties

  • Emits a thick, black viscous smoke cloud
  • Can be used to perform a Napalm jump
  • All Napalm damage sets people On Fire. This includes the initial explosion and all kinds of flame damage caused by he secondary stage of the grenade.
Napalm 1.jpg
A napalm grenade
Napalm 2.jpg
Second image of the napalm
Napalm 3.jpg
Third consecutive image
Napalm 4.jpg
Just before napalm is activated
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