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{{Navigation Playing the Game}}
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Pretty self explanitory. This page is for all the hud topics. Health, Armour, class skills, map info (such as cap points held on cz2), Death messages, messages sent when players touch a dispenser or have their dispenser touched. Text messages, voice channels and so forth. Break everything down into subtopics if any detail is involved, using the prefix HUD:.

Check the discussion page.

Health and Armour


Engineer Messages

Map Objective Information

Death Messages

Voice System

Player Information

  • When the player looks at an enemy, the enemy player's name should be displayed on the hud (either on the bottom or next to the crosshair, like TFC -- hud_centerid ). If the enemy is a Spy then there are some other Stipulations.
  • When the player looks at a friendly, the player's name, health and armour should be displayed.

Playing the Game
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