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HUD or, Heads Up Display. The HUD is what shows your Health, and Armour. It is what shows you what weapon you are using as well as how much ammo you have. It is what provides your essential information. class skills, map information (such as cap points held on cz2), Death messages, messages sent when players touch a dispenser or have their dispenser touched. Text messages, voice channels and so forth. Break everything down into subtopics if any detail is involved, using the prefix HUD:.

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Health and Armour


Whenever you walk over a backpack, the ammo you've obtained will appear on the right side of the screen.


Engineer Messages

When you build something as a Engineer, a persistant message will appear on the right side of your screen, showing you the status of your built objects.

Map Objective Information

The upper center of your screen has data pertaining to the map you're playing. It changes depending on the game type the map is.

The HUD info that appears when you're playing a CTF map. Currently, a player has taken the Red Flag.
The HUD info that appears you're playing an Attack and Defend map.
The HUD info that appears you're playing an Attack and Defend The Zone map.
The HUD info that appears you're playing an Invade and Defend The Zone map.

Death Messages

When someone is killed in the game, a message will appear on the upper-right corner showing who killed that person. The name on the left is the attacker, the icon is the weapon that was used for the kill and the name on the right is the victim.

An example of a death message.

Voice System

Whenever someone is talking, an semi-transparent icon with the speaker's name will appear on the right side of your screen.

Player Information

Player information shows up on your screen when your crosshair is on a player. By default, the player information shows up around the left of your screen, but can be configured to appear at the center of your screen, in the Fortress Options menu.

What Shows Up

When player information comes up on your screen, it tells you the following things about the player:
Basic enemy Player Information, centered.
    -Team color
    -Player's name
    -Player's class

Teammates will show a more detailed amount of information, such as:
Teammate Player Information, centered.

Pointing the mouse at an enemy will allow you to see their class, name, and health and armor percentages.
Player Information on an approaching Pyro
Player Information of a friendly Spy, centered.
Player Information shows up on the far left of your HUD, by default.

Playing the Game
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