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2fort is one of the most iconic capture the flag maps, especially from any fortress game. Featuring bases facing eachother across a small water pit with a small bridge that crosses over. There are three entrances to the base including the front door, battlements and the water route. There are two main ways to go for the flag but technically three entrances to the flagtoom.



There are two respawns per base. One in the middle of the base and one on the sniper battlements. Both contain resupply bags for health, armor and ammo and a grenade bag.


The sniper perch, capture point, and top entrance to the base. There is a bunker in the middle of the battlements for protechtion against snipers and attackers.


The main route to the flagroom. The spiral is a tight corridor that leads to the basement of the base where the flag is held. In the middle of the spiral is a small resupply bag for the respecting base's team. There also lies vent access for a quick entrance to the flagroom.

Flag Room

Small room that the flag is held, there are two hallways entrances and a vent entrance in the ceiling. There is a small sentry gun stand that is elevated from ground fire and grenades.


The secondary route to the flagroom. A large elevator that leads into the back of the basement. On the way to the flagroom behind the elevator is a small resupply room. It contains three supply bags and one grenade bag.

Ramp Room

The ramp room is a majorly defensible position that has easy access to the elevator and also the top upper lobby which is next to the spiral. The room features two ramps that lead to the uppper level and a bridge that leads to the elevator above the rest of the room.

Front Hall

The lower entrance to the base. There are to ways to procede, one is to go instantly right for a quick route to the ramproom, or you can go straight and right to go under the respawn dropdown through a corridor to the ramp room.

Water Spiral

The exit spiral ramp that leads into the front hall. This leads right by the Battlements Respawn dropdown so becareful when you exit.

Water Path

The final entrance to either base. It is also the slowest but also the safest. It is completely out of the way of any incoming fire from the yard or front of the base.


There is a small bridge that is between the two bases that suspends over the water pit. The best way to get to the battlements is to rocket jump or conc jump up.


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