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Aardvark is a standard CTF map taking place in a beautiful park with a small lake in it's center. Red and Blue both want to own the property so that they can develop it into a front for their schemes, but have resorted to violence in order to see who will own this fine plot of land.

In a way, Aardvark is a mixture of all the CTF maps in Fortress Forever. It has lasers blocking paths like in Shutdown2 (and Openfire, to an extent), a ton of paths to the flag like in 2morforever, and a mixture relaxing atmosphere of Monkey and the industrial feel of Well. The sheer amount of routes gives attackers a lot of options and makes defense think about where to put their defenders. A well-rounded defense will do wonders in this map.



This is where you spawn in. The arrow colored with the enemy's color leads to the Outside and the arrow with your team's color leads to the Respawn-side hallway. If you jump down but decide to use the other path, a small hall connecting the two exits is on the left side of the ally-colured arrow path and the right side of the enemy-colured arrow path.

The team-coloured glass floor will refill your armour and ammo to 100%. A grenade backpack is on the ally-colured arrow path.

Ff aardvark0018.jpg
Overview of the respawn point.
Ff aardvark0019.jpg
The ally-colured arrow path with the resupply glass in the center.
Ff aardvark0040.jpg
The entrance to the Outside.
Image gallery filler.jpg


Ff aardvark0017.jpg
Overview of Outside.
Ff aardvark0020.jpg
A base.
Ff aardvark0039.jpg
This speed booster can make some classes fly through the ramp.
Ff aardvark0046.jpg
This is whtt happens if you slam into a window.

Front Door

Ff aardvark0031.jpg
Overview of the Front Door.
Ff aardvark0032.jpg
This is what's seen if you go through the main entrance.
Image gallery filler.jpg
Image gallery filler.jpg

Utility Corridors

Ff aardvark0034.jpg
The bathroom.
Ff aardvark0035.jpg
Overview of the Utility Corridors.
Image gallery filler.jpg
Image gallery filler.jpg

Generator Room

Ff aardvark0025.jpg
Overview of the Generator Room. Notice how the ramp on the right faces the Top of the Ramp.
Ff aardvark0036.jpg
The exit from the Utility Corridors.
Image gallery filler.jpg
Image gallery filler.jpg

Top Main Ramp

Ff aardvark0022.jpg
Ff aardvark0023.jpg
This side leads to the Lift-side Hallway.
Ff aardvark0024.jpg
This side leads to the Respawn-side Hallway.
Image gallery filler.jpg

Respawn-side hallway

Ff aardvark0026.jpg
Overview of the Respawn-side Hallway.
Image gallery filler.jpg
Image gallery filler.jpg
Image gallery filler.jpg

Flag Room

Ff aardvark0021.jpg
Overview of the Flag Room.
Image gallery filler.jpg
Image gallery filler.jpg
Image gallery filler.jpg

Lift-Side Hallway

Ff aardvark0037.jpg
The Lift-side Hallway's entrance from the Top Main Ramp.
Ff aardvark0045.jpg
This is what happens when you run through an enemy's lasers.
Ff aardvark0027.jpg
Overview of the Lift-side Hallway.
Ff aardvark0038.jpg
This switch will fill the glass pillars with gas, killing anybody inside them.


Ff aardvark0028.jpg
Overview of the old Flag Room. Don't press the switch!
Ff aardvark0029.jpg
A shot of the entrances to the old Flag Room.
Ff aardvark0030.jpg
Shot of the path that leads to the exit of the Basement.
Ff aardvark0044.jpg
This is where you end up if you press the switch.

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