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Mulch Deathmatch is a medium-sized arena designed like a soccer field. On the left and right sides of the face in the center are two bases for Red and Blue. The walls surrounding the can be accessed via a special jumping skill (such as concjumping). There are no real strategies besides kill kill kill! The Civilian can be used in this map for comedy Umbrella kills.



This is where the carnage occurs. There's no place to hide.

Ff dm0022.gif
The arena.
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Upper field

This can be accessed by rocket, railgun, and concjumping to the top of the walls. Up here is where you can rain down shots on the saps below. Beware of enemies here.

Ff dm0026.gif
How to get to the upper field; rocket jump here...
Ff dm0028.gif
...and here...
Ff dm0029.gif
...and you're at the upper field!
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Inside your base is a backpack that never dissapears and will always refill you to the max. There are ramps leading to an upper observation area, in case you want to take a break.

Ff dm0023.gif
The front of the base.
Ff dm0024.gif
The lower level...
Ff dm0025.gif
...and the upper level.
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