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Way back in 1834, Harman Dillow found a large deposit of gold flake in the stream where he was takin' a bath. This lead him upstream, to where after some weeks of diggin', was a moderate size seam of gold.

Well, word spread quickly, and prospectors flocked in from the east, looking for their chance to strike it rich. In a couple of months, the town of Dustbowl Valley came to be. All types of businesses sprung up. Many people found their dreams come true - and the lucky ones grabbed their stash, and moved on.

But, I don't imagine your here for historic sight-seeing. You're here for that ritual.

Yeah - recent years have been seein' renegade sportsmen, eccentric hunters and lunatics come to Dustbowl Valley for the bloodsport. Them crazy fools gather themselves into two teams - Red and Blue - and try to capture control points.

The Blue team tries to run a flag infront of the old shale belt building, and Red's gotta keep that from happening - by any means nessecary. If the Blue team succeeds, a second cap point is set, and the whole dang mess starts again - this time runnin' towards the old whorehouse. If Blue can make it there, the final stand-off is a mad dash to the mining company's smelting factory.

Racing against death, dishonor, and the clock, we see the craziest shit here - at Dustbowl Valley.

- From the Dustbowl Valley promo video.

Playing the Map

Dustbowl Valley is the 'standard' Attack and Defend map. It consists of three Command Points, played one after another. The attacking team, Blue, wins if it can capture the final command point. The defending team, Red, wins if it can prevent this for the map time limit.

General Hints


  • Be wary of spies - but don't be paranoid. Paranoia and the ensuing chaos can be worse than the actual spies!
  • Pyro's can be very useful for spy defence - if you see a teammate on fire, and heading towards a sentry, be wary.
  • Support your Engineers by dropping ammo nearby, especially if they are building a Sentry.
  • The grenade pack is your friend.
  • Push the line back wherever possible.
  • A defensive scout is only slightly less useless than a chocolate fireguard.


  • Spies are likely to be among the most useful team members - but too many spies can be a mistake. Back them up with some heavier classes.
  • Pushing the flag is key, no matter how short a distance.
  • DO NOT let the flag return. The defenders will regain ground.
  • The grenade pack is your friend.
  • Keep the flag out of the exits until they are clear. Your spies will thank you for it.
  • Vary your tactics. Predictability will lose the game.

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