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Weapons reference guides

Melee Weapon Reference

Weapon Basic Properties Special Properties
Slot Number Ammo Type Damage Range Cycle time Rate-of-fire
Crowbar 1 N/A 30 32 units 0.4 seconds 2.5 shots per second  
Knife 1 N/A 50 (Normal), 108 (Backstab) ** 32 units 0.4 seconds 2.5 shots per second
  • Backstab
Medkit 1 N/A 9 *** 32 units 0.4 seconds 2.5 shots per second
  • Heals
  • Infects
Spanner 1 N/A * 30 32 units 0.4 seconds 2.5 shots per second
  • Repair
Umbrella 1 N/A 30 32 units 0.4 seconds 2.5 shots per second  

* The Spanner consumes Cells when used to repair a dispenser, Sentry Gun, or team member's Armor, but not when used as a weapon.

** The Backstab special attack ignores armor when calculating damage.

*** The Medkit also ignores armor. Infection does up to 75 max total damage, its damage per tick diminishes over time: 10 ticks doing 30, 15, 9, 6, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 damage until the is healed or dies. Infection cannot kills the victim, only reduce them to 1 health.

Bullet-type Ranged Weapon Reference

Weapon Basic Properties Special Properties
Slot Number Ammo Type Ammunition per shot Bullets per shot Spread Value Damage Recoil Cycle time (refire delay) Rate-of-fire (1 / Cycle time)
Pelletgun 2 Shells 1 6 0.02 24 0.5 0.5 seconds 2 shots per second  
Super Shotgun 3 Shells 2 14 0.06 54 0.8 0.7 seconds 1.43 shots per second  
Sniper Rifle 2 Shells 1 1 0.00 45 * 0.5 0.8 seconds * 1.25 shots per second
  • Charges up
  • Needs ground contact to fire
  • Built-in two setting scope
Auto Rifle 3 Shells 1 1 0.01 8 0.4 0.2 seconds 5 shots per second  
Assault Cannon 5 Shells 2 5 0.08 6.5 0.4 0.1 seconds 10 shots per second

* The Sniper Rifle has the ability to charge up to do additional damage. The Sniper Rifle also does extra damage from head-shots.

Projectile-type Ranged Weapon Reference

Weapon Basic Properties Special Properties
Slot Number Ammo Type Ammunition per shot Projectile Speed Damage Damage Radius Recoil Cycle time (refire delay) Rate-of-fire (1 / Cycle time)
Nailgun 4 Nails 1 1000 9 N/A 0.3 0.1 seconds 10 shots per second  
Super Nailgun 4 Nails 2 1000 12 N/A 0.5 0.1 seconds 10 shots per second  
Railgun 2 Nails 1 - 5 * 1500 25 * 100 2.0 0.2 seconds * 5 shots per second *
  • Charges up
  • Ignores armor when charged
  • Pushes player when charged
Tranquilizer Gun 2 Nails 1 1500 18 N/A 0.3 2 seconds 0.5 shots per second
  • Causes visual impairment
  • Slows movement
RPG 5 Rockets 1 1000 102 102 1.0 0.65 seconds 1.54 shots per second
  • Pushes player
Grenade Launcher 4 Rockets 1 625 108 125 1.0 0.6 seconds 1.67 shots per second
  • Pushes player
Pipe Launcher 5 Rockets 1 625 108 125 1.0 0.6 seconds 1.67 shots per second
  • Pushes player
  • Eight pipes can exist at once
  • Detonates on command
Flamethrower 4 Cells 1 1000 13 ** N/A 0.0 0.2 seconds 5 shots per second
  • Lights enemy on fire
  • Multiplied flame damage
  • Pushes player slightly
Incendiary Cannon 5 Rockets 1 1000 60 ** 120 4.0 1.2 seconds 0.83 shots per second
  • Lights enemy on fire
  • Multiplied flame damage
  • Pushes player

* The Railgun has the ability to charge up over several seconds. When charged, the railgun does more damage, and consumes up to five nails per shot.

** The Incendiary Cannon and Flamethrower will light the enemy on fire. This deals damage for several seconds after impact, and deals multiplied damage if used in conjunction with other flame weapons.

Weapon Summary

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are for hand-to-hand combat, used at close range.


This weapon is the default melee weapon for all classes that do not have their own special melee weapons. Currently it is equipped to the Scout, Sniper, Soldier, Demoman, HWGuy, and Pyro classes.

See Weapon:Crowbar for more detail.


This weapon is only equipped to the Medic class. It has two functions, both activated by the primary fire key. When used on a member of an allied team, it heals that team member back to full health, or if they already have full health, it will overheal them. It can also heal infections dealt by an enemy medic. When used on a member of the enemy team, it infects that player, dealing damage until they die, unless they are healed by a medic from their own team. Being healed from an infection also renders that player immune from re-infection for a few seconds.

Pressing the secondary fire key as a Medic will throw medkits onto the ground, which heal less health than the weapon, and cannot overheal.

See Weapon:Medkit for more detail.


The Spanner (a wrench) is only equipped to the Engineer class. It's primary function is to repair and rearm Sentry Guns and Dispensers as well as upgrade SG's.

It can also be used to repair a teammates armor.

See Weapon:Spanner for more detail.


This is the melee weapon equipped to the Spy class. It has the special capability of being able to backstab, an attack that deals lethal damage to an enemy, and if the first backstab attempt hits, the spy instantly disguises as whomever they killed.

See Weapon:Knife for more detail.


This is the only weapon equipped to the the Civilian class. It works the same as the crowbar, however, on some maps it's damage is increased for gameplay purposes.

See Weapon:Umbrella for more detail.

Bullet Weapons

Bullet weapons are weapons that have no visible projectiles, and apply damage instantaneously via one or more bullets fired with a randomized spread pattern. All bullet weapons (apart from the Sniper Rifle and the Auto Rifle) use shells as ammunition.


The Pelletgun is a weapon of the Scout, Soldier, Demoman, Medic, HWGuy, and Pyro classes. It deals a fairly small amount of damage, and is moderately effective at long range, but fires faster than the Weapon:Super Shotgun.

See Weapon:Pelletgun for more detail.

Super Shotgun

The Super Shotgun is the heavier but shorter ranged double-barreled cousin of the Pelletgun. It is equipped to the Soldier, Medic, HWGuy, Spy, and Engineer classes. It does a considerable amount of damage, but is not very effective at a distance. It also uses 2 shells per shot, so remember to resupply every now and again, or you'll be left with no ammo.

See Weapon:Super Shotgun for more detail.

Sniper Rifle

The Sniper Rifle is a very formidable weapon in the hands of a skilled Sniper (the only class that can use this gun). The sniper rifle is perfectly accurate, and charges up when the trigger is held down, for up to seven seconds. It can almost always kill any class in a single shot when fully charged. A hit to the leg reduces the damage done, but cripples the target and reduces their movement speed. A hit to the head increases damage, and is almost always fatal, even if not fully charged. Additionally, if you hit a target and yet they survive, they are then tagged with a transmitter that will show allied team members team where they are, even through walls or when cloaked as a spy, if within a certain range. The Sniper's movement speed is greatly reduced when the Sniper Rifle is charged or charging.

See Weapon:Sniper Rifle for more detail.

Auto Rifle

The Auto Rifle (or AR) is the other main weapon exclusive to the Sniper class. It is a fully automatic rifle, doesn't need reloading, is fairly accurate at a distance, and does a good amount of damage. It's biggest downside is that it uses ammunition quite quickly, and that ammunition is the same as used in the Sniper Rifle! If you use all your ammo with the Auto Rifle, you won't be able to shoot again until you get resupplied.

See Weapon:Auto Rifle for more detail.

Assault Cannon

The Assault Cannon (sometimes called an AC) is the primary weapon of the HWGuy. It has a high rate of fire and can do quite a bit of damage, but is not terribly effective at range. Additionally, when firing it reduces the HWGuy's movement speed to a crawl. If you hold the trigger down, this gun will fire more rapidly. Lastly, even a large number of shells disappears quickly when using the Assault Cannon. Staying near an resupply area, Dispenser, or friendly Engineer is recommended.

See Weapon:Assault Cannon for more detail.

Projectile Weapons

Projectile weapons are weapons that fire a physically modelled, visible projectile. They do not travel instantaneously. The type of projectile varies, and include nails, grenades, rockets, flaming rockets, and fire.


The Nailgun is a weapon equipped to the Scout, Sniper, and Spy classes. This gun fires a stream of Nails that do not fall as they travel, making it very accurate. It has limited effectiveness against moving targets, since these Nails take a certain amount of time to reach the target. However, it is an excellent weapon to destroy,, and may be useful against camping Snipers, Spies, or slow-moving HWGuys.

See Weapon:Nailgun for more detail.

Super Nailgun

The beefed up brother of the Nailgun, the Super Nailgun is exclusive to the Medic. While it's limitations are similar to the regular Nailgun, it's increased damage makes them less of a problem. It can wipe out in seconds, and can be effective against camping Snipers (especially if they are not looking your way). If you keep your movement quick and your aim steady, it can be a fairly dangerous weapon in a close range firefight as well.

See Weapon:Super Nailgun for more detail.


The Railgun is a weapon of the Engineer class, and uses Nails for ammunition. While the Super Shotgun is usually better in a firefight, the Railgun is a formidable weapon as well. The Railgun is capable of charging up (by holding the trigger), and when released it fires a powerful bolt that unerringly travels toward it's target. This bolt of energy isn't super quick, so a moving target may be a bit tricky to hit, but a stationary one can be easy picking. The fully charged shot bypasses armor completely, and can pack quite a wallop. Additionally, the Railgun can be fired downwards with a well-timed jump to boost an Engineer into a spot they otherwise would not be able to get to. Lastly, the Railgun shot can bounce off several walls, and actually get more powerful in the process.

See Weapon:Railgun for more detail.

Tranquilizer Gun

The Tranquilizer Gun (sometimes just called the Tranq) is equipped to the Spy class. It used Nails as ammunition, but has a special feature. It's low-noise shot travels with perfect accuracy, and on contact with the enemy it them. Tranquilized enemies have obscured vision and reduced movement speed until the effect wears off. It can be enough time to get activate your cloak and hide somewhere safe.

See Weapon:Tranquilizer Gun for more detail.

Rocket Propelled Grenade

The Rocket Propelled Grenade, usually referred to by its acronym as an RPG, is a devastating heavy weapon of the Soldier class. It fires medium speed, but highly accurate Rockets that travel without dropping, straight at your target. The RPG can fire four rockets close together in a burst, before you need to pause and reload. The blast damage of a near miss can cause considerable damage itself, and can push the enemy around in ways that can be useful. Pushing the enemy player into the line of fire of an (or off a convenient cliff if you are as lucky) is a common tactic for a good Soldier. The RPG can also be used for Rocket Jumping, a great way to boost yourself to inaccessible places.

See Weapon:RPG for more detail.

Grenade Launcher

See Weapon:Grenade Launcher for more detail.

Pipe Launcher

See Weapon:Pipe Launcher for more detail.


See Weapon:Flamethrower for more detail.

Incendiary Cannon

See Weapon:Incendiary Cannon for more detail.

Special Weapons


See Buildable:Detpack for more detail.


See Buildable: Dispenser for more detail.

Sentry Gun

See Buildable: Sentry Gun for more detail.

Jump Pad

See Buildable: Jump Pad for more detail.

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