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I'm going to do a write-up on installed a SRCDS server and then making it work with FF. I'll also post a link to since that site is an AMAZING tool. It's a shame that Server Installs are rarely well-documented. --Mooga 17:36, 9 March 2008 (CDT)

hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game hl2dm -dir C:\ff-server

Should hl2dm not be hl2mp? - Opty

No, it should be hl2mp. If you run a list command (hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game list) you will see that the game option is hl2mp. We've also listed them all nicely in the forum FAQ section. (I've also uinstalled a HL2DM server before with this command). --Mooga 10:36, 19 September 2008 (CDT)

Ye, that was what I was asking, the page said hl2dm at the point when i posted that. It was fixed shortly afterwards. --Opty 14:25, 19 September 2008 (CDT)

I made some minor tweaks and updates to this article. Took out references of version numbers and make the script a little cleaner. Fixed some minor grammar. --Mooga 23:50, 13 September 2011 (PDT)