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This is where the introduction of the weapon goes.


This is where detailed information about the weapon goes.

Special Abilities

The weapon has no special abilities.

Strategy And Tips

This is where information about weapon strategy and tips goes.

FF Weapons
Melee Crowbar  •  Knife  •  Medkit  •  Spanner  •  Umbrella
Bullet Assault Cannon  •  Auto Rifle
Pelletgun  •  Sniper Rifle  •  Super Shotgun
Projectile Flamethrower  •  Grenade Launcher  •  Incendiary Cannon  •  Nailgun
Pipe Launcher  •  Railgun  •  RPG  •  Super Nailgun  •  Tranq
Misc Detpack  •  Dispenser  •  Sentry Gun  •  Jump Pad